Blue Scorpion venom treats cancer?

Recently, I read an article about a Bulgarian model that managed to completely cure herself from cancer – Krukenberg tumor, using an alternative ways – not the most common, but also insufficiently effective chemotherapy. Iva Mechandzhiiska cured herself using a Blue Scorpion venom and a medication called Imunofan from Russia. The sad part of the story is, that most of the people do not have an access to these medications. Iva Mechandzhiiska received much financial help from a friend of hers – Svetoslav Kantardjiev and a Bulgarian foundation – Neogenesis, but most cancer patients usually do not have that luck. The model recently reported that she is in great health now, which gives hope, that the there is still a cure for one of the deadliest diseases in modern days.
In years next to come, I hope cancer patients finally manage to earn their due rights and treatment options. Currently, our country fails to provide them either. Bulgaria is one of the countries with the fewest cured cancer patients in the world. The reasons are many, but some of them are even more dangerous to society, than the disease itself – corruption in public health services, lack of important treatment medications or delays in supply, insufficient education about health in most people, which makes them seek medical help and diagnose when it is too late.
The health system in Bulgaria is in a frightening state not only when it comes to cancer patients. I believe it is vital for us to understand that it is only we that could earn our rights and solve the problems, that no politician would do it for us, and that we need to take action. Now.

Blue Scorpion venom treats cancer?
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